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ENTEC® static mixers. An innovative and energy-saving alternative to a stirrer in a tank. A static mixer efficiently mixe combination of liquids and / or gases, solids and slurries with the motionless technology. The result: an optimized end product and considerable cost savings!

Static Mixer Nozzles - Adhesive Dispensing

A range of static mixing nozzles provide sizes based upon the number of elements in the nozzle, which can range from 07 to 56, the number of elements are determined by the material manufacturer. Static mixers are used with dual cartridges, as well as piston pump and gear pump machines. Adhesive Dispensing Ltd provide nozzles for all makes of meter mix machines.

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10 µL Static Mixer, High Temperature - ASI

High Temperature Static Mixers; High Temperature Static Mixers; Micro Flow Series (0.5 µL - 25 µL) Low Flow Series (50 µL - 250 µL) Analytical Flow Series (350 µL - 500 µL) High Flow Series (800 µL - 1.50 mL) Biocompatible PEEK Static Mixers

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Westfall specializes in high-performance drop-in motionless mixers used in pipeline and blending systems for the water treatment, wastewater treatment, oil, gas and biofuels, chemical, food and beverage, aerospace and insulation industries. Each of Westfall - Model 2850 - Inline Static Mixer. REQUEST QUOTE.

Static Mixers for Water- and Wastewater Treatment

ful mixing operation using a static SMF mixer can reduce flocculent consumption and/or increase the dry solids content of the dewatered sludge (figure 6). Static mixers are being used successfully in conjunc-tion with all classic dewatering me-thods. Tasks relating to sludge dewatering are solely the domain of the SMF mixer.

Industrial Mixer Singapore | Optimized Mixing Tech

INDUSTRIAL MIXER. Milton Roy is the leader in mixing technology worldwide. Today, this expertise is concentrated in four key markets oil and gas, chemical, mining and water treatment. In oil and gas applications, when crude oil comes from the ground is accompanied by impurities known as bottom sludge and water or BS&W.

NEW Graco Static Mixer | Graco’s Static Mixer - PDQuipment

When you need just a little more mixing before leaving the pump!! Graco’s NEW Static Mixer is the answer. Categories: Floor Underlayment , Floor Underlayment Tools & Accessories , Graco MP20 , Graco MP40 , Mixers , Self Leveling Equipment

FMX8414S - Omega - Pumps and Mixers: Static Mixer

Buy FMX8414S - Omega - Pumps and Mixers: Static Mixer. Newark offers fast quotes, same day shipping, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & technical support.

Industrial Mixers - Dispersers, Impellers, Stirrers | INDCO

The INDCO Difference. At INDCO, our goal is simple: Produce the highest quality industrial mixing equipment with the highest standards in customer service. For every order, for every customer, every time. Our mixers are built with only the best quality domestic raw materials and mechanical components available.

Static Inline Mixer | PulsaFeeder

The Pulsafeeder Inline Mixer utilizes a unique internal design, which uses ordinary line pressure to create high levels of turbulence, enhancing the mixing of fluid additives with the product stream. The inline mixer is virtually maintenance free with no moving parts and installs quickly and easily with no special tools or additional components.

Disposable Static Mixers | EXACT Dispensing Systems

In addition to the static mixers, we also carry dynamic mixers and a wide selection of peripheral accessory products such as mixer nuts, mixer jackets, Luer Lok adapters, Luer needles and other “point of dispense” items. For additional information on any of our Disposable Static Mixer offerings, feel free to contact us at 207-563-2299.

Static Mixer SealBoss PA3000 - Dependable Depot

PA3000 Static Mixers. Specialty Construction Products Online. 714-541-9049 BuyDDi.com Static Mixer SealBoss PA3000 . Previous in Static Mixers - Epoxy etc. Next in Static Mixers - Epoxy etc. >> Pump SealBoss PA3000 Dual Component Epoxy Pump. Your Price:

Jongia Mixing Technology | Your partner for stirring

Jongia has a comprehensive range of stirring and mixing equipment and systems. We ensure the best possible solution for the given process, choosing from our wide range of mixers and agitators. We offer top, side and bottom entry, special designs like magnetic mixers, as well as dynamic and static in-line mixers and powder dissolving installations.

FMX8421S - Omega - Pumps and Mixers: Static Mixer

Buy FMX8421S - Omega - Pumps and Mixers: Static Mixer. Newark offers fast quotes, same day shipping, fast delivery, wide inventory, datasheets & technical support.

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Industrial Mixers. Pumping Solutions stocks Neptune's Series JG pump mixers in 1/2 HP, 1/3 HP, and 3/4 HP models to meet the varying mixing needs of our customers. With high efficiency 115v electric motors and sturdy stainless steel propellers and shafts, these gear drive mixers for pumps will provide reliable performance in even your

What is static mixing - Stamixco AG

As shown in Figure #1, static mixers are used in continuous processes where they homogenize fluids with no moving parts. Pumps or blowers are used to deliver the components to be mixed at the desired volumetric flow rates and to also supply the pressure energy required for mixing.

PDF Static Mixers for Water- and Wastewater Treatment

ful mixing operation using a static SMF mixer can reduce flocculent consumption and/or increase the dry solids content of the dewatered sludge (figure 6). Static mixers are being used successfully in conjunc-tion with all classic dewatering me-thods. Tasks relating to sludge dewatering are solely the domain of the SMF mixer.

MIXER PUMP- CONTINUOUS - Batchcrete International

MIXER PUMP- CONTINUOUS. Features and Benefits. Mix and Pump up to 120 bags per hour. Easily dismantled into 3 sections for easy trasnport and set up on site. Small narrow unit fits through doorways and into lifts. Equipped with latest and most reliable safety devices. 240 or 415 volt electric power. Built in Compressor for Spraying.

Technology / R&D

Similar to dynamic mixers, we endeavor to study static mixing in glass or acrylic in order to witness the progress of mixing. Centrifugal and positive displacement pumps are available in order to pump fluids with varying degrees of viscosity for laminar, transitional and turbulent flow applications. Line sizes range from 2 to 3 inches.

Volumetric Two Part Mixing Pump - GPD Global

The 2-component mixer is a truly volumetric pump that pushes parts A+B fluid through a static mixer. The mixing head functions valve-free. The components to be mixed are dispensed by volume with no dead space in the static mixer. Mixing is done in the disposable static mixer, the

Mixing and blending | GEA Mixers and Blenders technology

GEA's extensive process knowledge and continuous research delivers the most efficient mixers and blenders. We offer a wide range of technical solutions and process options to ensure the efficient mixing and blending of liquids, powders and granules for a broad scope of industries and applications.

306992G Static Mixer Control - Graco

Static Mixer Control 3000 psi (21 MPa, 210 bar) Maximum Fluid Working Pressure Part No. 207861, Series C Part No. 948338, Series A Part No. 241809, Series A Includes 207861 and a static pipe mixer. Part No. 241808, Series A Includes 948338 and a static pipe mixer. 306992G Read warnings and instructions. See page 2 for Table of Contents. 8613A

Industrial Process Instruments,Manufacturer Of Process

Company Brief We, Fluidyne Instruments Pvt. Ltd. take pride to introduce ourselves as an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company, engaged in the manufacture and marketing of various types of process instruments & equipment, process control instruments, industrial process instruments, industrial process control instruments, pumps & mixers, pressure reducing valves, breather valves, safety fittings

HPLC Static Mixers - Chromatography Forum

We tried all the various Shimadzu static mixers. They all performed poorly: very clear pulsing at low levels with DAD. We switched to Analytical Scientific Instruments static mixers and the issue went away. It was definitely the mixer, since when we re-installed the Shimadzu mixers, the problem returned. Currently we're using the ASI 350 uL HP.

Chemineer™ Agitator & Mixer Distributor - Hayes Pump, Inc

Hayes Pump represents Chemineer mixers, agitators, impellers and auxiliaries. Chemineer, Inc. designs, sells, manufactures, and services a complete line of agitators, high shear mixers, static mixers, and heat exchangers under the brand names of Chemineer (gear drive agitators and portable mixers), Prochem (belt driven agitators), Greerco (high shear mixers), and Kenics (static mixers and heat

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Find your Static Mixers products at USABlueBook.com. Find your Static Mixers products at USABlueBook.com Locating & Leak Detection Maintenance Office Products Pipe Plugs Process Analyzers Pumps Reference Safety Sampling Equipment Tanks Tools Valves Workwear. Services; Koflo 3" Flanged Static Mixer with Injection Port, 3-Element. Price

HidroMix External Tank Mixing - Hidrostal

HidroMix External Tank Mixing Hidrostal's HidroMix pump mixing system is a practical alternative to conventional submersible and gas mixers. Our system uses the Hidrostal screw centrifugal pump to draw sludge from the source and return it through a nozzle sized and positioned to provide optimum mixing energy and circulation of the tank contents.

Static Mixers - Adhesive Systems Technology/ASTAST

Static Mixers - Adhesive Systems Technology/ASTAST | Adhesive Systems Technology Corp. *Some smaller mixer diameters are not regularly stocked, but are available. Please contact AST at 763-592-2060 for information & pricing.

Unmounted In-Line Static Mixers - Cole-Parmer Germany

Unmounted In-Line Static Mixers. Zoom Image. 3222. Koflo. Unmounted mixers can be used with any standard tu having the same tu ID as the element OD given in the table. They work well with flexible tubing. MORE + LESS -. € 46.83 - € 87.33EUR / Pkg of 10. € 55.73 - € 103.92EUR (incl VAT)

Perfect inline static mixer For Pure Quality Water

About product and suppliers: brings at your disposal some of the finest and most proficient inline static mixer for filtering and producing purified drinking water. The {keyword] are loaded with unique features and are ideal for places where there is a lot of water pollution.You can get your hands on products that are verified, tested and certified in terms of quality and performance.

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