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For over 67 years Aircraft Foundry Co., Inc. has served customers from coast to coast with hi grade commercial aluminum sand castings. Housings and bases for medical analyzing machines, brackets, frames, face plates, covers, levers, aluminum rings, end caps, towers, bezels, mounting plates and an array of different castings that go into those medical products.

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Olivine Sand is a forsterite rich magnesium silicate mineral. High magnesia content, high melting point, heat storing and high density properties make olivine very attractive for variety applications.It is an angular sand available in different sizes. Because of its inherent alkalinity it can be used in manganese steel casting.

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Industrial sand. Additional products; Infield Mix; Sport field sand; Olivine Sand; Horse arena sand footing; Synthetic Turf Infill Sand; Silica Sand; Frac sand; Foundry silica sand; Glass Sand; Plastering Sand; Golf Sand; Construction sand; Refractory sands; Beach sand; Analytical reference materials and minerals; Additional products; Custom

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Olivine foundry sand. Discussion in 'Buy Sell Trade' started by Lou, . Lou Copper. Appears to be about 40 mesh, around 3000 lbs in 80 lb bags. 1 pallet. Asking $500 or best offer, local pickup in NEO. Lou, #1. rocco Silver.

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Moulding sand for metal foundries: olivine sand is easy to work with and can be recycled and re-used without difficulty. It is ideal for the casting of manganese steel and non-ferrous castings because it produces a clean surface which requires a minimum amount of finishing. Moreover operators are not exposed to any health risk by handling sand.

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Eryas Olivine Foundry Sand Spesifications Because of it’s alkaline characteristic, it performes excellent especially for manganese castings. As olivine doesn’t react with steel, provides smoother surfaces.

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Olivine is a foundry sand used for its thermal properties and also used as a low-silica blasting abrasive. Does olivine have good cleavage? Olivine is commonly recognized by it high retardation, distinctive fracturing, lack of cleavage, and alteration to serpentine. Colorless to

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End life foundry sands often contain a mixture of silica sand, olivine sand, bentonite clay, coal dust and water; their dark color (almost black) is due to the carbonaceous components which derive from thermal decomposition of organic compounds used in order to agglomerate the green sand and enable to create a reducing atmosphere during casting .

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Green Sand Our Olivine based sand benefits from a high melt point, low thermal expansion, thermal fraction resistibility. Suitable for rapid production of parts as well as producing a high quality finish. Petrobond Sand Our Petrobond sand is a petrol based sand with similar qualities to that of our olivine sand.

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Traditionally, an olivine sand was used for metal casting in both ferrous and non-ferrous foundries. This sand could produce a fine finish by cooling the metal rapidly, and it made for a very low dust environment that is not dangerous to breathe.

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Dunites of the Northern Urals, LLC opened a factory for the production of olivine sand for foundry industry in the Sverdlovsk region.Such production was not launched in Russia previously. The project investments exceeded 240 million rubles, according to the press service of the Corporation for the development of the Middle Urals.

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In the foundry industry, olivine sand is used as moulding sand which, in contrast to quartz sand, does not pose a risk of silicosis to workers. Due to its beneficial effects to fire resistance, the construction materials industry also uses olivine as an additive in building materials.

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However, green sand is not used in the casting process for non-ferrous metals due to the presence of coal dust as an additive. Coal dust gives off carbon monoxide which results in the oxidation of the metal. Aluminum, for instance, uses olivine sand in the place of coal dust as an additive.

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Finally, it causes silicosis in foundry workers. Olivine sand. Olivine is a mixture of orthosilicates of iron and magnesium from the mineral dunite. Its main advantage is that it is free from silica, therefore it can be used with basic metals, such as manganese steels.

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Professional Foundry Green Olivine Sand--120 MESH FINE--for metal casting (25lb) $41.99. Free shipping . Professional Foundry Green Sand for Metal Casting. Med. Grade (4 oz. to 48 Lbs.) $8.99. Free shipping . Picture Information. Opens image gallery. Image not available. Mouse over to Zoom-Click to enlarge

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Petro Bond Foundry Sand Brochure 1. The History of PETRO BOND Bentonite Corporation recognized the need for a For greaterprecisio77 use. .. Use of a finer grained silica or olivine sand promotes 3. Add 1 oz. P-1 Catalyst. Mull 8 minutes, Sand is now a smoother casting surface with greater detail. A ready to use. grain fineness number of 120

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A mill for mixing foundry sands and sand mixtures consisting essential of a shaft fitted with plows or paddle wheel which revolve in a tub or vat. See Foundry Sand. Punchout Machines A machine used to force the entire sand and casting contents from the molding box in one motion, without the use of vibration. Purging

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ARCHIVES of FOUNDRY ENGINEERING Volume 12, Issue 1/2012, 47- 52 49 is ca 8 times higher in case of the reclaim in comparison with new olivine. Above 300°C the conductivity considerably decreases almost to values of distilled water (26,9 µS/cm). Fig. 1. The pH and electric conductivity of olivine and the reclaim

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Columbia Steel Recycles Our Sand and Slag. Our foundry sand is made from natural Olivine rock that is mined in Washington State, then crushed and screened before we use it to make our molds. We use Olivine rock and not Silica sand, because it

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silice, mullite ou sable d'olivine) o ffrent. [] un ballast thermique pendant le démarrage. [] et le fonctionnement, permettant ainsi une activité stable. sdtc.ca. sdtc.ca. For inst ance olivine sand that has been used to sand blow vessels or concrete. Today, the Rockwool Group turns.

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Green Diamond Foundry Sand is available in ferrous and non-ferrous foundry grade sands and is the ideal silica free replacement for olivine and silica sands for molding and coremaking. Greater Durability Than Both Olivine and Western Silica Sands. Lower Pouring Temperatures. Can Be Pre-Mulled with Clay Additives. View More Details.


the olivine sand before use to decompose the serpentine content, which contains water . • The specific heat of olivine is similar to that of silica, but its thermal expansion is far less. Therefore, olivine is used for steel casting to control mold dimensions. Olivine is somewhat

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Olivine mineral, which contributes to a lot of important industries and as a material that does not threaten the health as it contains no silex is preferred in casting industry and other different branches of industry as a corrosive matter in our country, after provided by our firm as an olive supplier.

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Two different types of clay (a yellow and a red clay) were used to prepare two sets of materials containing spent foundry olivine sand. They were blended by attrition milling in varying

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Olivine Molding Sand. As a foundry aggregate, olivine is noted for its high fusion point, low uniform thermal expansion, and its remarkable ability to resist fracture from thermal shock. Olivine has been famous for years in producing excellent non-ferrous castings.

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Casting Sand used at the Foundry 'Olivine sand' : clear, green, amber glassy exotic shapes. PLM Al. K. Na, Although the murder weapon was never recovered, a tool reportedly fabricated and used at the foundry was sub- mitted for testing. Foundry sand particles on this tool were similar to those found embedded in the victim's skull.

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Ado Mining Industry & Trade Corporation - Turkey, barite material for oil and gas drilling industry, olivine (Magnesium Silicate) sand for iron & steel sector, refractory and foundry industry, electrical arc furnace and tundish supporting sand, blast cleaning sand, Turkish Supplier, Producer and Exporter for Metalcasting / Metallurgical Industry, Materials, Consumables for Foundries

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Explanation: The olivine sand contains all the minerals such as Fosterite (Mg 2 SiO 4) and Fayalite (Fe 2 SiO 4) which is suitable for almost all the type of casting manufacturing processes. The same mixtures can be used for a range of steels but it is very expensive.

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Marlborough Foundry provides aluminum castings using sand and permanent mold (also known as gravity die casting) processes. We maintain the latest state-of-the-art equipment to assure accurate high-speed production in modern sand processes such as Olivine, No Bake, Shell, and CO2.

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